Wednesday, October 1, 2014


It's hard to believe that my baby boy is 27 months old now.  He's growing so quickly, and he's making our hearts grow in the process for he is truly such a joy!  His sweet little voice is talking more and more each day, and if you've ever heard him say "o-kaaaaaaaaay" then you will understand the reason DH and I melt on a daily basis just from listening to him speak.  He loves poptarts (yes, I know they aren't the healthiest thing in the world, but neither is my PSL from Starbucks!) apples, bananas, and "strawberries" (which are actually grapes, but he's not convinced.  See--he does eat some healthy things, too;-) and he's recently shown interest in scrambled eggs again.  He's definitely in a picky stage of eating, but I just keep putting healthy meals in front of him, and eventually he starts trying them, slowly but surely.  He loves playing outside and finds pure JOY in the swing.

He likes playing with cars and trains, and he is slightly attached to his Pluto stuffie (who he insists on holding upside down by his tail.)

He's developed a bit of a crush on Dora and now refers to certain words by both their English and Spanish names, but hands down, I think his most favorite person in the world is his big sister, "oo-cy" (Lucy.)  He cries for her when he sees her leaving to go somewhere, and he talks about her while she's at school, and then he follows her around the house most of the time once she gets home. He is also an AMAZING big brother the Annie Beth. He constantly says "Awwww how cute!" about her and brings her toys when she is crying or just because.
 He loves playing on the "o-pad," and he's recently become more interested in books.  (He went through a period of time where he didn't want to sit still long enough to be read to.)  In fact, he's actually READING parts of his books!  He knows tons of sight words (he was pointing out "have" in Lucy's book during her reading time the other night) and loves playing with his alphabet blocks and magnetic letters.
He carries them throughout the house, so we often come across them at random points during the day, and he will pick the letter up, say its name and then what sound it makes.  The boy is SMART--probably more than he even lets us know;-)  He has THE most gorgeous eyelashes--seriously, people pay good money to have a set of eyelashes like he does!--and he will bat them at you if you ask him to show you his eyes.  (It's seriously too cute!)
He also has gorgeous dark hair...which he goes into hysterics when you try to have it cut.  However, we braved it last week, and he looks like such a big boy now with his short hair!  He's very much "2" in that he's very busy, a bit on the destructive side, and he's added the word "NO!" into his vocabulary.  However, he's still such a sweet and snuggly baby boy.  He gives the best "squeeze hugs," and if you ask for a kiss, he will typically plant one right on your lips!  We love him more than words could ever come close to saying, but that won't stop us from trying!  But not only do WE love him more than words can say--his birthmother does, too, and I was blessed to get to visit with her a few weeks ago...

Rachel shares my love for Olive Garden, so I took GP and Annie to meet her for lunch there one afternoon.  It was the first time Rachel had gotten to meet Annie, and I think it's probably the first time Gabriel remembers getting to spend time with her.

Now, GP has always been pretty good about going to other people, but he typically takes some time to really warm up to anyone other than his mommy and daddy and sissies, but from the moment Rachel picked GP up, he instantly warmed up to her.  It seriously blessed heart to see him connect with her so instantly.

 As I was reflecting on it all, I told DH how of course we know there is an obvious bond between her and Gabriel, but the fact that he is able to recognize that at such a young age shows just how strong and special that bond is between a mother and child.  I think some people might think this would bother me or make me feel uncomfortable, but it doesn't, because my son and I share such an amazing bond as well, but that bond that we share is there because of her, and there is not a day goes by that I am not thankful that God orchestrated our lives in such a way to play a part in this gorgeous symphony called life He's placed us in.

I think it's beautiful how Gabriel instantly felt safe and loved from the moment he saw his birthmother, and why wouldn't he?  Everything Rachel has done for Gabriel has been centered around him being safe and loved, and while he is only two years old, somehow he recognizes that.  I truly wish each of you could have the opportunity to sit and have lunch with this incredible woman, too.  She is one of the most inviting people I have ever known, and I treasure our texts and talks and visits...and I know that as Gabriel grows, he will begin to treasure these things as well.

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  1. I would love to meet her. She sounds like a very special person. And please tell her I think she is absolutely gorgeous!