Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In His time...

"The only thing harder than waiting on God is wishing that you had."

I had the rare opportunity to attend my "home church" this past Sunday.  I always miss being away from our church family at HFBC, but it really blessed my heart to get to visit my "spiritual roots."  Pastor John used the above quote in his sermon that morning, and it really stuck out to me.

Waiting just isn't something I really enjoy... I've been known to "line hop" when I go to the store, switch lanes when I drive, and microwave when I cook.   Our society teaches us that when we want something, we should get it.  And without realizing it, it's so easy for me to apply that mentality to so many areas of my life, especially when expanding our family is concerned.

I'm reminded of when I started training for my first triathlon.  It was a PROCESS.  I didn't ride for 14 miles straight my first training session.  Instead, one of my training buddies and I pushed through a 45 minute workout and gradually increased our time and distance from there.  There was a goal to work towards.  It wasn't always fun to work towards that goal, but for the most part, we embraced the process and enjoyed it, and it made the end result that much sweeter. I also think of playing the piano.  I set goals for myself as a musician, but I didn't play a full recital on the day I first picked up the instrument.  It was a lengthy and gradual process. With both of these things, I can look back on the process and no, it wasn't always "fun," but I still found myself enjoying the process, in spite of difficulties and challenges.  I realized that the process was making me stronger and taking me closer to my goal.  I found joy in the journey. And that's basically where I'm wanting to be at with this new journey in our lives.  I want to be patient for HIS perfect timing to increase our family in HIS perfect way.  The paperwork is exhausting and the home study is overwhelming, but these are all a part of this process to taking us closer to bringing going home our baby.

So, I want to embrace this journey and find the joys in it.  I want to be realistic about the challenges, but I don't want fear to cripple me.  I know the Lord has already used this time of waiting in our lives to prepare our hearts for adoption, and I know He desires to make Himself known to us in new ways as we continue on this journey.  I don't have to be in love with everything involved in the journey, but I choose to embrace it!

Baby T-We choose joy for this journey even now, because it's all a part of your story, and we can't wait to see how it all unfolds for God's glory.  We can't wait to bring you home to be a part of our family, but in the mean time, we will wait patiently and pray fervently!

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