Friday, November 16, 2012

Another step in the journey...

As I'm typing this, I have the sweetest baby boy sitting very contentedly in my lap.  I think back to a year ago, when my arms felt so empty as we struggled through the loss each month of realizing we weren't pregnant, and we so badly wanted to expand our family.   But now here I am, with a full lap!  When we were driving home the other day, DH and I just looked at each other, and I said, " did we get to be so blessed?"  My heart truly feels like it's overflowing when I think of it--not only has God given me the gift of being a wife to the most amazing husband, but he's also given me the gift of being a mother to these two precious children.  I am so very thankful!

Around this time last year, Gabriel's birthmother was going to her first prenatal appointment, and today, DH and I will take him to our last post-placement visit with our caseworker.  We feel so very blessed that we are already to this point in our adoption journey.  Only God could orchestrate everything so beautifully, and we are grateful, thankful, and humbled!

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  1. So amazed for the journey God has brought you all along this past year. Praising God with you!!