Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day 2012

I had a funny conversation with Lucy on the way into the school building this morning:

Me: Today is a very important day.  Do you know why?

Lucy: Why?

Me: Because today, Mommy gets to vote for who is going to be President.

Lucy: (very excitedly) I want to be President!

I couldn't help but laugh and smile and my sweet and silly little girl.  I also wouldn't be surprised if she stuck to that desire and went for it--she's certainly a go-getter!:-)  And, of course, her mama would definitely vote for her!!  After my chuckles settled down though, my mind wandered to our last election.  Campaigning was beginning around the time Lucy was born, and my FIL made this really amazing video to support Huckabee.  Just like my FIL states in the video, I am also a one-issue voter on the single matter of pro-life.  To some, this seems silly at first thought: "Why would you base EVERY decision on one little thing?"  Well, I truly believe that people's stance on this one issue effects every single other decision that they make, because every decision that is made effects our LIVES, so if we don't value life, what does that say about the decisions we make for people's lives?  It goes even deeper than that, but I'm really not trying to start a debate here.  And if you disagree with me, please don't feel like I'm personally attacking you.  This is just an issue that has personally impacted my life in so many ways, and it's really important to me, and it's how I feel.  We're all entitled to our opinions, right?:)

At any rate,, election day, as we all know, falls in the month of November, which is also National Adoption Month.  So today, as I head to the polls, I will have two very important people tagging alongside of me, and I will cast my vote for the candidate that I believe best upholds the value of the sanctity of life.  Not just for my life and my children's lives, but for the lives of the unborn.

Gabriel Paul
Lucy Shea
Every life matters, and I'm so thankful for these little lives that God has entrusted me with!  As their mother, my goal is to protect them and guide them in life, and it is my prayer that every decision I make, every action I take, and every word that I say reflects that purpose.

>>>>As a totally funny sidenote, I also want to add this video to the mix.  Even though I'm not entirely happy with the choices we have this year for the presidential campaign, I am thankful that I have been given the RIGHT to vote.  No matter what, someone is going to be president and me sitting back disgruntled about the choices isn't going to change that.  So, today, I will exercise my right to vote...and you'll probably catch me singing this particular song as I'm in line:) 

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