Thursday, April 25, 2013

9 month checkup with LOTS of pictures!

Gabriel's 9 month check-up was today (even though he's almost 10 months old.)  He has slimmed up just a smidge, but the doctor said it's more in line with what his height has been all along, and I figure the fact that he's MUCH more mobile now might have something to do with that;-)  He weighed in at 22.3 pounds, was 28.5 inches long, and his head was 17.3 inches.  Here's what our precious boy has been up to since his last checkup:

*He's crawling like crazy!  I love watching him, too (which is good, because I definitely can't turn away for a second or he's off!)--he's such a textbook crawler!  We always joked that Lucy crawled in a way that kept her from tripping over her dresses, so one leg was always hiked out.  No dresses for mister man though (and yet one of the nurses today thought he was a girl!)  He's also pulls himself up really well and has walked across the couch a few times as he holds onto it.

trying yogurt this week for the first time
*He's doing great with solid foods!  He mostly eats the typical pureed baby fruits and veggies along with some cereal and yogurt, but I've also been trying to introduce table foods to him these past few weeks.  He loves green beans with potatoes and turkey sausage and vegetable beef soup.  He's also tried a little bit of grilled chicken and seemed to like that, too.  He seems to like the veggies more than the fresh fruits so far.
*He's still got just the two bottom teeth in.  Poor baby boy has had a HORRIBLE time cutting more teeth.  I think I got about 3 or 4 hours of sleep (not all at once) last night.  We spent a lot of time just rocking in the glider in the wee hours of the morning, and I have a feeling tonight may be a repeat of that.  I love his sweet snuggles so much, but my mommy-heart sure does hurt when I hear him crying out in pain.  Why does teething have to be so hard on them?  Other than rough teeth days, he sleeps great and thrives on his schedule.

watching "Crazy Noise"
*He is currently OBSESSED with the Hillsong junior "crazy noise" DVD.  He will pay attention for about 5 minutes or so of anything else, but he is just GLUED to the hillsong DVD.  I love that he loves praise music so much:)

*I've never seen a baby love the water the way he does--he ADORES bath time!
*He still likes to sit in my lap, but instead of listening to Mommy play HE likes to be the one to tickle the ivories.  He also seems to enjoy listening to me practice my flute.  (I've been trying to get at least 3 good days of practice in each week--mostly just scales with various tonguing exercises and also some etudes, but I'm mostly just trying to get my chops back right now.)
waiting Room
*He loves going on jogs with me!  He usually falls asleep within a few minutes of when I start my run and will awaken as soon as I finish.

*He still just loves playing with toys and chasing after Annabelle.  That's how much of our time is spent each day:)

*He still goes to other people very well, although he has cried a few times and reached for Michael or me.  I won't lie--it melts my heart just a *tiny* bit!;-)

first hair cut by Cortne! 4/8/13
*Gabriel got his first haircut this past month.  I like to refer to it more as a "clipping of the wings" rather than a haircut, because I just have this thing about cutting a baby's hair before they turn a year old.  However, his sideburns were literally down below his chin, and they were really straggly, so it was time for a trim.  I wouldn't let her touch the top part though!  That's staying put for as long as possible!  But the side trim looks so handsome on him.  I'm amazed at how people have noticed it, too.

*Also, during the time between his last checkup and this one, we had the blessing of see his birthmother for the first time since we got to take him home from the hospital.  Things didn't go quite as originally planned, so DH wasn't able to be there this time, but we are certainly looking forward to seeing her and the kids again soon with DH with us!

I can't really put into words how special it was to see her with him and see the kids get to love on him, too.  He looks so much like Rachel's daughter! 

And I was so excited to get to spend time with them all, too!  The connection I feel with Rachel is unlike anything I can describe to you--she's just so very special and dear to my heart.  She is the face of selflessness and strength and beauty, inside and out.  I know without a doubt that God specifically brought her into our lives, and we thank Him daily for her!

I'm sure I'm leaving some things out (3 hours of sleep plus a 3.5 mile run today=I really should be in bed by now...) but those are the basics of what has happened these past several months with our precious baby boy.  I'll close with GP's favorite song that we sing to him that almost always calms him down when he is upset (which he is right now from his teeth hurting:(

Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel Paul
You might be short, you might be tall
Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel Paul
Loved by one and loved by all
Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel Paul
I'll pick you up when you fall
Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel Paul
I like to watch you learn to crawl
Gabriel Gabriel Gabriel Paul
Your momma's little big brown-eyed doll
Gabriel Gabriel Gabriel Paul
you're loved by one and loved by all
loved by one and loved by all
loved by one and loved by al-ll-ll-ll, all-ll-ll-ll All-ll Gabriel Paul!
Lucy says, "Be VERY VERY quiet!  Baby brother is sleeping!"

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  1. I love the pictures! So amazing how fast they grow!!