Monday, May 20, 2013


I was at the checkout line at the grocery store today, and the guy bagging my groceries asked, "How old is he?"  I looked at my sweet baby boy who was chomping away at my mommy-necklace and I replied, "10 whole months!"

The same question had been posed to me earlier in the day by someone else.  She followed up my response with, "Wow...already?!"

Double Digits.

It hardly seems possible that Gabriel will be one year old in less than two months from now.  As the "spring cleaning" bug has hit me (just in time for the 100 degree summer-ish temps of Texas to start rolling in!) I've spent the past several days cleaning out the kids' closets and drawers and sorting through clothes that no longer fit them.  It's so crazy to look back on all of his soft little sleepers and rompers and swaddling blankets that he was in just months ago, and yet now here is my baby boy sporting shirts that don't have snaps underneath them (which is a good thing considering he won't stay still long enough for me to get his diaper secured, much less get his clothes snapped on!  His overalls today had moments of resembling a denim romper as he scurried away from me after changing him!)  But the past ten months haven't just been about growing (or OUTgrowing, rather) clothes...

We've not just watched Gabriel grow in size, but we've watched our hearts grow, too.  Our family didn't just welcome in a son--we also welcomed in his birthmommy.  I will never be able to fully express in words how blessed we are by this special woman and how much we love and appreciate her!  We got to talk on the phone this past weekend, and she told me to give both of the kids kisses from her.  After we hung up, I gave Gabriel several kisses from Rachel, and then I turned to Lucy and kissed her as well...only she wanted to know why she didn't get several kisses, too!  LOL:)  I told her that Rachel sent her just as many, but the reason she didn't get all of them was because I couldn't keep her still long enough!  I know that at the age of five, Lucy cannot fully understand the dynamics of everything, but I do know she understands two things very clearly: We love Rachel, and Rachel loves us, too.

...So what all is Gabriel Paul up to at ten months old?

He now has 4 teeth that have popped through, and you can see two more trying to come through as well.

He isn't loving his baby food so much these days...because he wants the REAL stuff!  Today, he tried a chicken nugget for the first time, and boy did he love it!

He had a horrible sinus infection last week--we're talking (TMI alert!) snot bubbles as thick as bubble gum:(  He is feeling much better now though and back to his smiley self:)

He loves music, especially the "Crazy Joyful Noise" DVD by Hillsong Jr.  "Funny Man Dan" always cracks him up, and he is just glued to the songs!  I think he was trying out his Elvis impersonation today though;-)
 He is pulling up on everything and chewing on everything!

He plays constantly with his toys, and he loves snuggles with Mommy and Daddy.

He looks up so much to his sissy, and his sissy is just crazy about her baby brother!

The past 10 months have been filled with so much love and growth, as we've grown in our love for each other and we've grown in our knowledge of our Heavenly Father's love for us as his adopted sons and daughters.  We are blessed.  We are thankful.  And we are GROWING!

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