Thursday, February 20, 2014

Still talking teethers...

I posted about a month ago how Lucy was working on getting a tooth to come out while Gabriel was trying to get some teeth to come in.
 Well, it took exactly five weeks of wiggling, but Lucy finally lost her first tooth this past Sunday!  It ended up being a pretty traumatic experience for her--she was so concerned with it hurting and bleeding and making her look funny (it breaks my heart that my SIX year old would worry about "looking funny" from her tooth being "different...), and it was definitely a roller coaster of emotions from excitement of having a loose tooth to terror at losing her first tooth to triumphal bliss at having a hole in her mouth:) 

NOTE: It happened to be 80's night at AWANAs on Sunday evening, if you're at all curious why she's dressed in neon rainbow brite attire;-)
  Daddy may or may not have had to help that pesky tooth along
 Either way, it's out now, and Lucy can't stop grinning without showing it off. 

Gabriel has had some ups and downs with his teething experience as well.  One of his top eye teeth finally poked through, but the other one is still being pretty stubborn.  It seems his fingers and sissy are taking the brunt of it as he is constantly gnawing on his sweet little hands or trying to bite at his sissy.
 She's usually pretty patient with him about it for the most part, and I'm trying to redirect his biting towards other things.  And, despite the fact that I know he must be hurting, he still manages to keep that sweet smile on his face. 

So while Gabriel and Lucy work on their teethers, this momma has been gritting hers all week at the growing intensity of contractions.  I've still got a few months to go, so I know they'll only increase from here on out.  Baby mustard seed is quite the mover and shaker, so she's definitely staying busy in there--maybe cheering sissy and brother on with their teething??;-) 

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