Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A New "Sister"!

We have been anxiously awaiting this day, April 23rd, 2014, for nine months now, knowing this is Baby Mustard Seed's due date.  But after the events that transpired in our home this evening, we realized that we've actually been awaiting this particular day for many years now.  Let me explain...

One of the things we have prayed over our children daily is for them to come to know Jesus at an early age.  Lucy has been asking questions for several months now about baptism, so we've been talking with her a lot about what it means to have a relationship with Jesus and how baptism is an outward expression of that inward decision.  Her teachers at school, church, and AWANAS have been mentioning to us that she's been asking questions as well, and our children's minister (who is so awesome, by the way!) at church gave us a workbook to start going through with Lucy.  (Oh how thankful we are for so very many people who pour their lives into our children's lives!  Any of you who work with children, please don't ever doubt the impact that you are making!)  After DH's grandfather passed away, she began asking even more questions and talking more frequently about how she wanted to go to Heaven one day and wanted to make the decision to be a Christian.  So, we've had a lot of conversations with Lucy about this lately...

Well, this week, my mom planted some flowers and plants in our front yard (I did not receive her amazing green thumb at all, but I'm so thankful she shared her giftedness in that way with us this week--the front looks so pretty now!)  Since moving into our home, Lucy has called the little patch of dirt next to our mailbox her "garden," so my mom specifically planted some flowers there for Lucy to take care of.  Last night, we went to Target and her and her daddy found a special hello kitty watering can so she can take care of her flowers.  As I watched her taking care of them today, I was reminded of the beauty that flowers bring and all that they represent--as we water them and care for them, they GROW...just like as we care for our children and invest in them, we have the privilege of watching them grow and thrive. 

When I picked Lucy up from school today, she had this look of horrible disappointment on her face, and the first words out of her mouth to me were, "You didn't have baby sissy today?? But today's her due date!"  I told her, "I'm sorry, baby...I'm sad, too, because I really wanted her to come today.  But, I promise she'll be here soon!"  (She later proclaimed, "No she won't--you said you are going to be pregnant forever!"  haha!  "Well, yes, I did say that, but Mommy was just being dramatic and sarcastic. I promise she really is going to be here soon!"  She's always listening!  LOL:)  Well, we may not have gotten to welcome a new baby sister into our family on this long-awaited day, but we DID get to welcome a new "sister" into "THE family" this evening, because tonight, April 23rd 2014, Lucy accepted Jesus as her Saviour!  No, it was not the birth we had been anticipating would occur, but it was such a glrious RE-birth, and we could not be more thrilled to mark this special date down on our calendar.  A sweet friend has shared with me many times throughout my pregnancy how God already has the exact moment marked down that our Baby Mustard Seed will take her first breath, and I was reminded today that He also has had the exact day marked down that our Lucy would choose to follow Him.  So today may not be the "birthday" we thought we would be celebrating, but what an even greater gift to have a RE-birthday to celebrate, as our Lucy has made the choice to have new life in Christ.  I cannot think of anything greater that could happen on this day!

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