Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Colors are Blush and Bashful...

If you know me well, you probably know that one of my very favorite movies is "Steel Magnolias," and if you know me REALLY well, you have probably watched it with me a few times, or at least heard me quote from it.  One of my favorite lines from the movie is between Sally Field's and Julia Roberts' characters as they're getting the hair and nails done at the local salon in preparation for the upcoming wedding:

Julia: My colors are blush and bashful
Sally: Your colors are pink and pink!
Julie: MY color as blush and bashful!  I have chosen two shades of pink, and one is MUCH deeper than the other!"

(NOTE: These lines must be read in a VERY thick southern drawl to come across in the proper way;-)

Well, tonight I went to Walgreen's in search of the perfect shade of pink nail polish, and just could not decide between two beautiful being "much deeper than the other":)  So, I decided to just get both and make my own concoction of the two.

***As a sidenote, painting my nails is a bit of a stress reliever, so I tend to paint them before big events are about to occur.

Well, Lucy wanted to get in on the girly fun tonight, so she asked Mommy to paint her nails, too.  The problem is that Lucy loves the end result, but she's not super crazy about the process it takes to get to those results.  And as silliy as this analogy may seem to many, it is so true of what we do so many times in our lives.  We desire that end result, but we often trudge through the wait and the difficulty and the uncertainty of the fruition of those desires.  But praise God that He is so very patient with us to guide us to His ultimate and perfect plan.

Two years ago, our family was in the midst of the adoption process.  Lucy had been praying for a baby brother and sister to join our family, so a very sweet friend had a precious gift made for me: a bird's nest necklace containing three pealrs, each pearl representing our daughter, and our hopeful son and daughter.  I have worn that necklace proudly many times, always being reminded of the hope we have in our Heavenly Father's perfect plan for our families. While it shouldn't catch us off guard when He bring those long awaited desires to fruition, I am so thankful with His patience regarding our often doubt as He continually is working, even when we can't see it or just refuse to really hope and look for it.  Well, just about nine months ago, He showed us He had brought Lucy's desire to fruition.  After years spent praying faithfully for a baby brother and sister, we were able to announce to her that God was answering her very specific prayer in a very specific way: Mommy was pregnant with a baby girl!  Our bird's nest necklace would no long seem off, but rather is was housing a pearl that would signify each of our precious God-given blessings.

It took the course of many years to complete that precious gifted necklace.  We never knew if we would be able to have one child, and then we were called to follow the beauty of adoption to find our son, and now the Lord has blessed our family with another child.  Our nest feels very full and so very blessed (not that we aren't willing to make room for any other "pearls" so if the Lord chooses) but if I'm being honest, it was a lot of waiting and a lot of heartache, and a lot of difficult not-so-fun days getting from point A to point B.  And just as Lucy hates to sit still while her nails have to dry and often regrets starting the process of painting her nails, and then many times refuses to wait long enough and smudges them everywhere, in the end she is always so happy with the result: pretty girly fingernails:)  I know nail polish may make for a silly analogy to some, but I was just reminded of the sweetness that comes when we wait. I'm so thankful for our patient God and His perfect plan!

Which brings me to the main purpose of this post.  I have spent this entire pregnancy hoping, praying, and planning for a VBAC.  I was a great candidate for one based on my last c-sectino, and everything has looked great up until the past few weeks.  My body is just not progressing like it needs to to be able to labor this baby, and as we have prayed through everything, we feel the Lord has told us that this is His way of protecting us from a dangerous delivery.  Yes, the percentages of something catastrophic happening is very small, but they are there for a reason, so my prayer has been that should me or my baby be at risk for having a vaginal delivery, the Lord would put a stop to it and make it overwhelming clear, and bless us with His protection.

And He did that today.

So today, April 26, 2014, we will head to the hospital to have our precious Baby Mustard See via C-section.  Is this the birth I've desperately wanted for my baby girl?  No, it is not.  But, more importantly, I have to ask this question: Is this the birth that GOD has planned for my baby girl?  Yes. it is.  He has gone before us and chosen this path for us, so I am choosing to trust in Him and to allow Him to let me THRIVE through this beautiful birth story He is giving to our precious baby mustard seed.  Her entire life began as the faithful prayers from a (then) 5 year old girl, and I so desire that her life to continue to be lived based on faith in our Heavenly Father.  And so, today, we step out on faith that this is HIS perfect path for our mustard seed, and we are so thankful for His clarity to us and for Him going before us in this.

We certainly covet your prayers as we enter into sugery--for a safe and healthy delivery with no complications; for a healthy baby; for an easy transition for Lucy and Gabriel; and for a quick recovery.  She will be arriving on April 26th in the afternoon!

She's just a few days past her due date, but she is the result of SO many nightly prayers and such a big desire to expand our family.  God is always good, but sometimes we have to wait so He can work within us to truly prepare us for the greatness that lies ahead of us through Him and for His glory.  I feel humbled and honored to be chosen to be baby mustard seed's mother, and just as I wait for my "blush and bashful" nails to dry, I am anxious awaiting the outcome of the beautiful birth story He has planned for this baby.  Please cover us in your prayers as you wait alongside of us this evening and tomorrow!

A sweet friend reminded me of this verse, and I am clinging to its promises this weekend:

"Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the LORD'S purpose that pervails." Proverbs 19:21


  1. Beautifully put my beloved Paula-Beth!!

  2. Yes...beautiful. Just like you.

  3. There are so many things that I have not waited patiently for, but each time, I find that Gods way is always the perfect way.