Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Loose tooth...coming through?!

This past week has been all about teeth here in the T-household.  We've got teeth on their way out AND teeth on their way in!

Lucy has probably been asking for about a year now when she is going to get a loose, mind you, I think having a tooth that is LOOSE has been her goal; I don't think losing the tooth is nearly as exciting to her as just the process of it becoming loose:) At any rate, she comes bursting out of the bathroom on Sunday morning, enthusiastically exclaiming, "MOOOO-ooom!!  You'll never guess! I was brushing my teeth, and I have a LOOSE tooth!" After a quick inspection from Mommy, we did discover that her bottom right middle tooth is indeed doing the wiggle dance.  She literally was beaming, and Mommy was literally pushing back the tears!  It's just such a sign of my baby taking one more step towards being not so much of a baby anymore. During our family movie night this last weekend, the main character looked at his youngest daughter and said, "Don't ever grow up." I had to smile in agreement at the idea of that thought process. But, growing up is also exciting.  It's hard to let them go and grow, but it's also filled with a lot of beauty... 

 Well, why sissy anxiously awaits her turn at being a snaggle tooth, Gabriel is experiencing the exact opposite in that he's currently trying to get more of his baby teeth in.  And while sissy is very happy at what's going on in her mouth, poor mister man doesn't share the same enthusiasm for his.  It seems all four eye teeth are trying to come in at once, so we've spent this past week trying to explain to an 18 month old that it's not okay to bite.  The thing that's worked the best for us right now is clove oil and lots of redirecting with various teething toys.  (Although he mostly just wants to squeak Sophie the giraffe repeatedly rather than actually chew on her, which isn't annoying at all! LOL:) And, as is common with GP
and teething, mister man has a bad runny nose and isn't sleeping well:/ In spite of it all though, he keeps smiling his way through it--gues he wants to show off those pretty pearly whites!;-) 

I can't believe how much my babies are growing.  And while growing up isn't always easy, the blessing to see my babies growing closer to one another brings my mommy-heart the most incredible joy.  The love these two have for each other is so evident!  I love watching them interact with one another-the way Gabriel's face lights up when his sissy enters the room; the way Lucy takes such pride in her baby brother; the joy seen on their faves and heard in their laughter as they chase each other around the house...I am truly so very blessed that I get to be their momma. I have the great privilege of not only watching them grow up but also watching them grow closer together with each passing milestone.

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