Sunday, January 5, 2014

My one step program...

With the start of a new Year, people are always seeking ways to better themselves-to start anew and afresh.  So, it's little wonder that my FB feed has recently been overtaken by "the top 5 ways to..." Or "10 steps to..." Or "the 7 Things you need to..."  I admit-I have found many of these articles very enlightening.  There's some good advice out there (along with some not-so-good advice, of course!) and helpful hints.  But when I awoke early this morning and saw literally one self-help article after another, a funny feeling hit my gut.

We live in a self-help society.

We want a 5 step program to help us lose weight; 4 ways to better our marriage; 3 ideas to keep us from yelling at our kids; 2 tricks to keep a clean and organized home; etc.

We want a program to whip those difficulties in our lives into shape.  And in the large scheme of things, that's not so bad I suppose-we should want to be better and do better and love better and live better, right?

Well, yes, except no matter what we do, what steps we take, what signs we perceive, what ideas we incorporate--we will always fall short, because we are imperfect humans in an imperfect world.

So, to add to this growing list of itemized blogposts to flash into your FB feed, here is my contribution: 

"The one sure fire way to change your life..."

1) Stop trying to better yourself, and just start seeking Him.

When temptation knocks for the food you shouldn't be eating: stop and seek Him.

When you're so frustrated with where your marriage is at and want to give up: stop and seek Him

When you're to the breaking point and are about to lose it with your kids: stop and seek Him.

When you feel like you're drowning in a sea of laundry and dishes: stop and seek Him.

Jesus truly is the answer.  We can throw in all of the self-help we need, but the only thing that will ever truly solve any of our hang-ups, our insecurities, our struggles, our disappointments, our Jesus.  I'm not saying we can't gleam wonderful insight and ideas from many of the articles and posts that we find lately-you'll probably even see me sharing some of them on my feed.  I just want to make sure I don't ever lose sight of what the answer to my problems and my struggles really is, and that's found in my a heavenly Daddy, Jesus!

So on this Sunday morning, as I sip on my coffee and prepare for a morning of worship to Him, my prayer is that I will seek Him with all that I am and all that I have.  He is more than enough, and if He conquered his own death, He can conquer my own life, too! 

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