Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Green Glider...

I'm sitting here in the green glider rocking my precious baby boy.  This same glider rocked Lucy to sleep every single night until she was at least two, it has rocked Gabriel to sleep every night for the last 19 months, and it will soon rock another precious one every evening as well.  I can remember the day I came home from the hospital with Lucy, sitting in this glider in her nursery trying to figure out the whole nursing thing while listening to her CD player play a personalized cd on repeat (because those first several weeks, nursing sessions took a good hour many times!) So this glider has helped me as I have fed my babies, soothed my babies, and just snuggled my babies.  But this glider played an even more important role before all of that...a few months before Lucy was born, my momma made a trip up to Illinois to help us transform the spare room into Lucy's nursery.
  Shortly after that, DH and I found this green glider, and in the nursery it went.  And from that day on, until Lucy was born, I would go sit in her room, in this glider, before heading to work, and I would pray for my baby.  Little did I know almost seven years ago that I would be blessed with the amazing privilege of rocking more than just one little baby in this very seat...little did I know the many late night cries I would get to soothe while rocking away in this seat...little did I know how many prayers I would pray from this seat.
  It may just look like a simple green glider, but in it I have sat with my hopes and dreams before they ever came to be...In it I have sung lullabies and hymns to my babies...In it I have experienced the joys and pains of motherhood--sweet snuggles and snotty noses; precious laughter and tearful cries; lazy afternoons and exhausted late nights--and in it I have also experienced the honored feeling of daughter-hood as I have talked to my heavenly Daddy through those joys and pains He's allowed me to experience.  
 So, as I sit in this glider another evening rocking my son, my heart is full of so much thankfulness.  Who knew how much life you can experience, how many lessons you can learn...all while rocking away in a green glider?


I couldn't help but think of this post tonight as I sit here rocking my precious baby mustard seed in this green glider. And it seemed this post was incomplete without a picture of sweet Annie Beth in this chair just as there are photos of gabriel and Lucy in it. Sweet dreams baby girl... 

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