Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Amidst the chaos and the cold coffee...the sink full of dirty dishes and the floor smeared with crumbs...the unmade beds and the unwashed laundry...the squeals and the screams and the sleepy-but-just-had-shots-baby...the trail of toys and the trash-sack full of dirty diapers...the missed phone calls and the unanswered text messages...the dirty kitchen table and the dusty ceiling fans...the chipped fingernail polish and the messy mom-bun...the kids still in their pjs and the momma wearing running shorts but not able to actually go running...amidst it all, my Jesus says, "Come."

"Come to me and I will give you rest."

Rest to the momma who just can't seem to get it all together...

Jesus doesn't come to my home to inspect all of the spills, to cringe at the noise, or to point out all of the piles in my far-from-put-together-surroundings. He simply wants to come and be with me in the midst of it all--with me.

I don't have to prepare a feast or clean up the mess (or try to stuff it all quickly in a closet!) He accepts me just as I am and invites me to rest in Him. To not just find rest from it all, but to find rest amidst all that demands my attention, having the confidence that He is with me through it all.

I think I often feel that rest means everything is put in place and everything on my to-do list is done. But maybe rest means I find peace in the midst of all of the things God has placed on my plate, knowing He's going to help me accomplish all of the things that will bring Him the most glory. So while I break up another fight and heat up my coffee in the microwave again, Jesus asks if I will simply come to Him in the midst of all...

"Come to Me...and I will give you REST..." Matthew 11:28

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