Friday, July 29, 2016

Evangeline Hope...

One year ago yesterday, I went to Six Flags with some of my close friends and our kids. It was in the midst of one of the most difficult seasons of our family's life as we were processing some very deep hurt. Our life felt like it was entirely up in the air, so it was a needed breath of fresh air (literally and emotionally) to spend time with friends having fun and riding rollercoasters. Little did I know that the following day, July 29th, my stomach would jump out of my throat not from a roller coaster, but from the shock of my life!

Exactly one year ago, I found out that I would be the momma to FOUR. And yes, I kind of freaked out! You see, just two days before this discovery, my husband and our pastor had both resigned from our church. We were at a very low point emotionally, and while throwing a baby into the mix sounded like the most irresponsible thing ever, the Lord in His omnipotence knew this was exactly what our family needed at that exact moment.

The name Evangeline means "bringer of the Good News." I believe with all my heart that the Lord knew we needed some good news and something to look forward to this last year--to have some HOPE. The Lord also was reminding us, a couple who had struggled with infertility, that He was the One ultimately in control, even when our life felt so out of control. And I also believe the Lord was showing us His favor and His blessing by providing us with a child, for I truly believe one of God's most gracious blessings is the gift of a child. And so, out of a time of great hurt and sorrow and loss, the Lord was presenting us with tangible evidence of His hope and joy and abundant provision: Evangeline Hope.

My dear, precious girl--what a gift you are! You are a constant reminder to me of God's hand on my life. My prayer is that you will be a bringer of the ultimate "Good News" of our Lord Jesus Christ, sharing His great hope with a hurting world, just like you have brought and continue to bring hope to our family's hurting hearts. This past year has been filled with so much joyful anticipation because of you, and I am beyond grateful for the gift of being your momma!

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  1. As always I love to read your postings. I find in them something for my need of the day. Praying that God would lay it on your heart to pull all of your (Dear Birthmother) post together and form a book of hope and joy that points us to the one who brings that hope. Thank you for this God thing moment today. Jeannie H