Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Connected by a Common Bond...

Ok, so I think we all would agree that just because something can be found under a google search does NOT mark it as the "truth."  (one word: wikipedia.  Need I say more?:-)  However, there's something about the fact that we are now on our adoption agency's website that makes everything feel so much more official.  Maybe it's because I've pretty much stalked their website DAILY since we first started this journey with Christian Homes.  And maybe it's also because it's comforting to look up other couples who are going through the exact same process that we are.  Since our orientation weekend with the agency, I have looked at that website and wondered what it would look like to have our picture, information, and birthmother letter on there, so it's just really surreal to actually see it on there for real now! 

I've been actively watching the CHFS website since January, and it's been so neat to see a couple go from having a short bio posted next to their picture, to seeing the text changed to "CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW SON/DAUGHTER!!!"  (Side note to Emily: I love how they use multiple exclamation points in those posts.  Just another affirmation that this is the perfect agency for DH and me!  LOL:)  My heart just leaps in joy for these couples when I see that written in.  I get excited at the thought of seeing that next to our names one day soon, but I also just feel such an excitement for them, too, because in some way, I feel connected to them.  No, I don't know their exact struggles, but I do know we have one common bond: we are all longing for a baby through adoption.  The mission statement for our adoption agency is "A Christian home for every child," so I also know we are connected by our relationship with the Lord.  We may all come from different religious backgrounds and different denominations, but we all strive to bring a child up in the ways of the Lord.  So, when I see that these couples have reached this step in their own journey, I rejoice with them, because they give me hope and serve as a reminder to me that God keeps His promises.  In Psalm 37:4, we read this:

"Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.  Commit your ways to the Lord.  Trust also in Him, and will do this!"

I believe without a doubt that God has given us this desire to adopt a baby, so even though there are days when I feel so impatient that I can hardly stand the when and how of it all, I am still filled with a confident assurance that He is going to grant this desire of our hearts, and it's going to be in a more beautiful and joyous way than I could ever imagine or try to bring about on my own. 

So would you like to see the screenshots of our profile??  First, let me give you the backstory on discovering we were "live."  I'm sure you'll find this incredibly difficult to believe *insert sarcasm* but I literally wanted to start dancing across the room screaming.  HOWEVER, I was in Chickfila, so rather than scare the massive amounts of small children surrounding me, I just looked like a slightly crazy lady jumping up and down in her chair with a BIG huge goofy grin on my face!  And I probably did let out a few un-containable squeals without realizing it.  I remember looking around quickly for just SOMEONE to tell my good news to!  But the ladies at the table behind me were too busy discussing Facebook.  (One of my favorite conversations overheard today: "I think you can put it on...oh, what's it called?  The wall?  A wall??  I'm not really's something like that..." :)  I was able to try to discuss the excitement with Lucy though (we went on a mommy-daughter date today) and showed her the picture of mommy and daddy on the webpage and got DH on the phone as well.  (He was excited, too...and maybe even jumped across the room in his office, but I have no actual evidence of this:-)  Once again, it's just another step closer to bringing our precious baby home!

And NOW I'll show you the screenshots.  Of course, you can also go directly to the webpage (scroll down a bit to find us, or click here for a direct link to our profile.) but since that page eventually won't be there anymore (go ahead and prepare yourself now for more jumping up and down/dancing across the room/screaming in excitement!) I wanted to put the screenshots on our website to remember it all...

We're on the CHFS website!!

Our Profile

Page with our Dear Birthmother Letter


  1. Praying for you guys as you wait!