Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Call her BLESSED...

Today, Lucy and I had the joy of attending our agency's 6th Annual "Call Her Blessed" Fundraising Luncheon.  Originally, I had planned on letting Lucy stay with her daddy, but he's a bit swamped at work right now, and my friend decided to bring her little girl last-minute, so Lucy excitedly joined me for today's event.  I told her that she got to be one of the grown up ladies today and that we were going to support the agency that is going to help us get her baby brother and sister.  While there, she proudly told someone that passed by our table, "I get to be one of the ladies today!"  too cute:)  As I was putting her down for her nap this afternoon, she said, "I'm excited that they're going to help us get our baby soon."  I just couldn't help but sit back and smile, "Me, too, baby girl."  God continually reminds me in so many ways that He has called us to adoption...but today I was blessed to be reminded that it's not just DH and myself that He has called to follow Him on this adoption journey, because I believe with all my heart that our four-year old daughter has even heard His calling.  I told her today how blessed I am that God chose me to be her mommy, and how excited I am to see her become the amazing big sister that I know she's going to be because of how loving, kind, encouraging, and nurturing she is.  I know her baby brother and sister are certainly going to be blessed to have her in their life!  Just as DH and I are excited about being parents again, so is Lucy as she anticipates us expanding our family.  I know that at four she can't fully comprehend what that is going to look like or the changes it will mean for her (goodness, at 29 I can't even fully comprehend it!) but I believe with all my heart that she has a very clear knowledge that God desires to expand our family.

Proverbs 31 states how "Her children arise and call her blessed." and as I thought over those words today from the event's title, I couldn't help but also be reminded of what a blessing it is just to be called.  God's calling on our family to be a mother, a father, and a big sister just floods my heart with excitement and joy!  I'm so excited to welcome our baby(ies) into our home and to invite their birthmommy into our life as well... 

Lucy and Lillie Kate at CH&FS Call Her Blessed Luncheon: 4/25/12

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