Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Every Life is Beautiful...

It's rare for DH and I to have a date night just the two of us.  But, we do know it's important for us to take time out for just each other.  Life has seemed especially busy lately, so when we realized we had a free night open, we decided to see if we could get a babysitter and go out this evening.  L was super excited to have her friend come over to play with her, so I picked DH up from work and we headed out for dinner and a movie...

Our first unofficial date in the fall of 2000
Funny side note: Tuesday is typically "family date night" for us because L's favorite place in A-town is Chickfila, and on Tuesday's they have free kids meals.  Plus, this really cool pastor comes each week to make balloon animals for the kids.  Well, we were in a bit of a rush to make it to the movie on time, so, even on a non-family date we still ended up going to Chickfila!  No fancy-schmanciness needed for a romantic night out for DH and me:)  (Although Chickfila is actually sentimental to us since our first unofficial "date" happened there:)
almost 12 years later:)

Anyway, the point of my post is the movie we went to see: October Baby.  This movie tells the story of a girl who finds out she is the survivor of a failed abortion.  We both cried and left the theatre with a sense of heavy-ness for several reasons: one, it's just a weighty topic period, and we are big advocates of the pro-life movement.  But I also think it touched our hearts deeply because of where we are at in this stage of our life as a family of wanting to adopt, and knowing that the birthmother of our baby has had to make the decision of whether or not she will choose life for her baby.  But whether or not you are going through the adoption process, I think this is definitely a movie everyone should see.  It not only celebrates the beauty of life, but it also touches on the truth behind abortion--it tells it like it is in a very real and true way.  As Christians, I think it's so important to support these types of films, but even just from the standpoint of someone who enjoys seeing a good movie, this is definitely worth the ticket price.  Yes, it does have some laggy bits, but overall it is well written, acted, and deeply moving.  I truly urge you to go support this film--it will touch you, I'm certain!

For more information on October Baby, and to see the move trailer, check out the official website here

And, please continue joining us in praying for the birthmother of our baby.  Pray specifically that she will make healthy decisions both for her and our child.  We're still awaiting our approval letter (it's only been a week--is it just me or does it seem WAY longer than that?!) but hopefully that will be here by this time next week!:-)

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