Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy early bday, DH!

No new news on the adoption front.  We're just anxiously awaiting our approval letter, but it will probably be at least another week before it comes...sure doesn't hurt to pray for it to happen sooner though!:-)  I am trying to prepare myself for the fact that we may have a long wait time ahead of us.  Even though my heart is so anxious for us to bring our baby home, I know God's timing is absolutely perfect, so I'm trusting in that and excited for Him to reveal it to us!  And, maybe His timing will be soon, but if it's not, I know He will give us the patience we need...I just continually feel this overwhelming sense of peace for this whole process.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we have been called to adopt, so now we get to wait and see how the story will unfold.  And, just like a good story, I'm definitely in suspense, but also like my favorite stories, I know this one is going to have a really amazing ending, so I'm enjoying these middle chapters in the meantime:)

Since beginning this journey, DH and I have become more and more aware of the need to be advocates for the unborn.  I feel it's so important for us to support organizations that are striving to make pro-life choices, and we had the opportunity to do that this past Thursday evening.  Pregnancy Resources of Abilene was hosting a fundraiser concert--with MICHAEL W. SMITH!!  Neither of us had ever gotten to see him in concert, and DH especially has always wanted to see him, so for an early birthday present I surprised him with tickets. We've been to our fair share of concerts, but this was possibly the best concert I've ever been to!  It was a smaller venue, so the setting was more casual, which isn't typical when you see an artist like MWS.  He played a lot of his hits (some of the highlights were hearing "Friends are Friends Forever" and "You are the Love of My Life" (which he co-wrote with Jim Brickman whom I love!) he played some of his instrumental stuff (I never realized what an incredible pianist he is.  I love his writing style, and his playing is just incredible--the voicing and feeling he uses when he plays is beyond words.  So inspiring!) but he also did a ton of worship songs.  The evening was truly Christ-focused, and His presence was certainly felt!  The most incredible part of the evening was when he led the audience in "Alleluia...Holy, Holy, are you Lord God Almighty...Worthy is the Lamb..."  The entire building was proclaiming who Jesus is...even Lucy began to sing and had her hands lifted up in the air.  I couldn't help but think, Wow!  This is just a tiny taste of what it will be like in Heaven, to stand before our Father and worship Him...  It was definitely one of those "moments" that I don't think I'll ever forget.  I honestly feel a bit guilty that it was DH's birthday gift, because I think I enjoyed it just as much as he did!  It was certainly a special evening out as a family, and I'm glad we could support such an amazing artist and important organization.

 ...As a total side note, I get asked all of the time what "DH" stands for--that's my nickname for M.  it stands for "Dear husband."  It's a common internet term when speaking of your husband that I picked up on my pregnancy forum when I was pregnant with Lucy.  I spoke about him so often that the name DH just began to stick.  I definitely think it fits him well, too;-)

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