Friday, March 23, 2012

Piano, Pictures, and Prayers

I just finished a long practice session with my old buddy Bach:)  I have to say, I’m loving my new piano space!  We have this beautiful bay window in our living room, and during the day I like to keep the curtains open so the sun can shine through and light up the house.  It’s an absolutely beautiful, sunny day today, so as I was practicing the warm sun was shining right into the room.  Lucy had her duplos out and was happily playing on the floor next to me while I practiced.  Such a nice, relaxing afternoon...which was just what the doctor ordered, because I’m sick again:(  (DH was at the doctor earlier this week, so I suppose it was just a matter of time for me.)  I guess I can say all day long I’m not stressing out about things, but my body is telling me otherwise.  Thankfully, our weekend looks pretty calm, so hopefully rest is in store for all of us...and then it will be time for our homestudy!

Tuesday is the big day!  We sent our scrapbook in today for review and they said it looks great, so we just need to make copies of that and our birthmother letter, and then we will be ready for approval (as long as all goes well Tuesday)!  I’m really pleased with how the scrapbook turned out--it’s 20 pages long, and I think it’s a really good representation of who we are, our personalities, etc.  I’m praying that the pictures are able to jump out and tell a story to the birthmother so she will be able to feel a connection to us.  I know God has the perfect baby and birthmommy picked out to be a part of our lives, and I can’t wait to meet them!

Here's a peek at our Scrapbook.  This is the front and back cover.  Lucy and I did some chalk art yesterday afternoon, and our sweet friend, Lisa, came over and took our cover picture for us. The last page is our family Christmas photo.
Cover of our Scrapbook
Last page of our Scrapbook

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