Saturday, March 17, 2012

Interview Update

We’ve had a VERY full weekend, so I really haven’t had a chance to sit down and write a blogpost.  I realized people might be thinking things didn’t go well at our interview since I have posted though, so I figured I better give the good report:

The interview went GREAT and our homestudy is scheduled for March 27th.  MARCH 27TH!!!  As in less than two weeks away...which means I have less than two weeks to clean out my flowerbeds and organize the closets!  LOL:-)  More importantly, this means that, potentially, we could be approved NEXT MONTH...which means we could be matched starting next month!  HOLY COW!! 

(Yes, Emily, I just used that many exclamation points in the above paragraph.  I know you are shocked;-))

Please please please pray that things continue to go as easily, smoothly, and quickly as they have so far.  I am filled with such peace for this whole journey, and I praise God for that-truly that is such a blessing to me being a person who tends to freak out about every little thing.  I am continuing to pray boldly for this process though, but know God will prepare my heart for whatever He has for us.  Most of all, I’m just over the moon excited at what He has in store.  It’s starting to feel more and more real that we are going to have a BABY!

I’ll post more soon about our crazy weekend.  I just wanted to at least give everyone a quick update with the good news.  More soon!:)


  1. The exclamation marks are totally justified!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. *big smiles* it makes my heart happy to see you use more than me!!:-)