Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dear Birthmother letter...

While we're in this time of waiting for our approval, I thought I would blog about a few different things involved in our adoption journey, such as our letter.  One of the important steps involved in domestic adoption is writing a "Dear Birthmother" letter.  This is supposed to be a brief letter that describes who you are to the birth mother.  When she decides that she is going to place her baby for adoption, she looks through the letters and the scrapbooks of prospective adoptive families to make her decision on who she feels is the best match for her and her baby.

I've honestly been a little hesitant about posting our letter on our blog.  I guess it's because it's so personal-trying to convey our hearts (in one page or less!) to a woman who is making such a selfless and loving decision.  How do you put into words (again, in one page or less!) what you think of her and what she means to you, while also trying to let her know who you really are?  At some point, she will hold this letter in her hands and make the decision of whether or not she thinks we are the family for her baby.  So, this letter holds with it a weight that I cannot even express.  I want to share it with each of you first, so that you can join us in praying over it, over the woman who is meant to read it, and over the baby that she is so lovingly carrying inside of her...

Dear Birthmother,

We truly feel so humbled that you have a desire to consider our family as a possibility to parent your precious child.  Even though we have not yet met, we feel as if you are such a part of our lives already since we have committed to praying for you and your baby  on a daily basis.  We admire your strength and your selflessness-you are a hero to us.  Thank you for choosing life for your baby!  We cannot wait to see how God’s story unfolds in your life and ties into ours as well.  Hopefully, this letter can give you a glimpse of who we are.

Some know us as their music minister at church, the mommy and daddy to our 4-year-old daughter, a  friend down the street, and a loving extended family member...but when we look at each other, we see a best friend for almost twelve years.  We have been married over nine of those twelve years and truly love and respect one another.  We are very committed to one another and our relationship with the Lord.  We believe God placed us together because He can work more fully to accomplish His will for our lives as a couple, rather than as individuals.

Michael is an extremely talented man and has such a gift for leading others to God’s throne through worship.  He is a devoted husband and father, always looking for the best to be available to our church family and community, but not allowing that to interfere with making our family his top priority.  He is very disciplined to get up early to work out each morning and strives to make healthy decisions.  He is a self-proclaimed “tech-nerd” and has a wonderful talent for working with computers, creating videos, and graphic design.  He is a loving father and enjoys taking our daughter on special “daddy-daughter dates” so they can have one-on-one time.  He is also a devoted husband full of love and patience.  He enjoys playing the guitar, song-writing, following the Texas Rangers (he proposed to Paula-Beth at a game!), and anything related to Apple computers and products.

Paula-Beth has found such fulfillment in being a stay-at-home mommy and housewife.    She enjoys keeping on top of housework and cooking for her family, but she also loves to spend time playing with our daughter, whether it be bike riding, jogging, sidewalk chalk on the driveway, reading books, putting puzzles together, or just snuggling on the couch.  Paula-Beth is also an accomplished pianist and flutist and teaches private lessons in our home.  In her free time, she enjoys training for triathlons and working on various craft projects-knitting, sewing, and bow-making.

We have one daughter who is four and truly lives up to her name of being a light-bringer.  She is passionate, enthusiastic, and very happy.  Her smile can truly brighten a room!  One of our favorite times each day is our prayer time as a family.  She prays daily for God to give her a “baby brother and sister.”  Even at such a young age, she understands our family is not complete.

Our family has endured many trials together, and through them God has taught us that He is truly in control.  We have learned to rejoice in answered prayer--Michael was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, and we are so thankful to say he has been cancer free for over five years now!  We have also learned to rejoice even when things do not turn out like we hoped for them to--Paula-Beth’s father passed away in 2007, and it has been so hard to not have him in our lives.  But, no matter the uncertainties in our circumstances, God reminds us that He is constant.  His love, His grace, and His guidance never change, and we are confident that He has gone before us and prepared a path--HIS perfect path--for our family.  We truly hope His path leads us to you and your baby.  We are so excited for what He has in store for all of us!

With all our love and many prayers,
M & P-B


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    1. Thanks, Becky! I'm anxious for our baby's birthmom to read it!

  2. Wonderful letter!!

    1. Thank you, Tracy! Was just thinking of you guys earlier today--how is everything going?

  3. Lovely and very well represented letter. Your heart shines through in your writing. We're continually praying for your family, including now the birth mommy and baby(s) to be!

    1. Thank you so much, Val! I appreciate your comment on the letter, and we SO appreciate ya'll's prayers for us!