Sunday, June 17, 2012


Well, it's official: I'm an old woman! lol:) I still don't know why I'm making such a fuss over being 29+1 (yup, I'm still sticking to that tag!) but I think you've all grown to know of my quirky ways, so there ya have it;-) I have to laugh at myself, because I cried like a BABY over turning 30 *cringe* because of it seeming so OLD to me. I guess that's my inner youth still wanting to come out, right?:-) At any rate, I'm trying my best to embrace this new stage of life--gotta put my big girl panties on! lol:)

I did have a wonderful birthday! I'm so blessed to have such amazing family and friends that do so much to make me feel special. DH had decided to celebrate the entire week and gave me a present each day in honor of my birthday-how spoiled do I feel?! And then my mother and I got to spend the day going baby shopping and ended our trip with a mother/daughter manicure. (I love having my nails painted, but rarely actually have them done. When I was a teenager, I went through a period of time where I painted them a different color ever day. My favorite was this hideous shade of green called "Daisy the Pig" that literally looked like a heavy animal had stepped on my nails. I guess growing up is good in some ways because I definitely am thankful to have outgrown my love for that color!) Then my mom made us all an amazing dinner to close out the day:)

I also received an incredible gift yesterday. No, we didn't get to welcome our baby home on my birthday, but there is certainly evidence at our home that they are on their way because of the BABY FURNITURE in it! A precious family said we could have their baby furniture as their son had outgrown it, and they even delivered it to our house yesterday. (Lucy's bedroom set was pretty much all busted by the movers. The safety standards have also changed since she was born, so we weren't exactly sure what we were going to do for furniture for this baby.) I'm so overwhelmed by such an amazing gift--just so very thoughtful to allow us to have their furniture to use for our baby. I'm really just speechless over the whole thing. I can't wait to show you all the room all set up! (I'm not sharing gender on here yet though, so ya'll will have to wait for the time being:-)

And now we get to close the week out celebrating Father's Day. Sometimes this day is a bit hard for me, because I really miss my Daddy, but I am SO thankful I get to celebrate my husband on this day--he is just the most amazing daddy! He leads our family with love, strength, integrity, involvement...I could go on and on about the amazing man of God that he is! I'm hoping that we will soon be celebrating him being a daddy a second time by welcoming our baby home! They are certainly going to be blessed to call DH their Daddy!

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