Monday, June 4, 2012


I had a sweet conversation with my Lucy-bug last week.  She was asking why Gary and Walter (our cats) like to eat bugs.  I told her that God made them that way, and it's good that they eat them because one, we don't like them and two, we don't want there to be so many that they take over (there's enough of them here right now as it is to feel like we're in a plague!)  That conversation led me into asking Lucy if she knew why God made her, and I went on to explain that the reason we were created is to bring glory to God.  I explained how one way we bring glory to God is through our talents.  We talked about how her Sunday School teacher has been given the gift of teaching, so her teaching Sunday School brings glory to God.  We talked about how Daddy plays the guitar and sings and that also brings glory to God.  And I told her how Mommy loves to play the piano at church and that brings glory to God.  I've thought about that conversation many times in the past several days, and it continued running through my head as I had my quiet time this morning.  One of the things I read in My Utmost for His Highest  was this:

"We have the idea that God is going to do some exceptional thing-that He is preparing and equipping us for some extraordinary work in the future.  But as we grow in grace we find that God is glorifying Himself here and now, at this very moment."

You see, I think we often get a mixed up in the simplicity of our calling.  In our society, it's easy to associate "glory" with something "big."  We think of a famous singer or actor/actress and the huge audience of people they have following them and giving "glory" towards them, so maybe we begin to associate bringing glory to God with having to do something "big" and grand and with a bunch of people around.  And when we feel like God has placed a calling in our lives, we may find ourselves always waiting for when that "big moment" is going to happen when He can really use us, because we forget that God is great enough to be glorified in ANY way, and that He does not measure things the way we do in this world.  What I have to ask myself is this: Am I seeking to glorify God or to find glory from man? 

So, as I thought over all of these things, I began to think of my love for music and how I'm getting to lead the VBS music at our church this week.  No lie, I absolutely LOVE leading VBS music!  I love teaching kids how to worship Jesus through song, and I always have a blast wearing the costumes and dancing up on stage being silly.  (I guess it's part of the musical theatre lover in me.:)  You see, I felt the Lord place a calling on my life back when I was in junior high, and for years I kept waiting for Him to do that "big" thing in my life where I would finally be able to really fulfill my purpose and bring Him glory.  But through the past few years He's been teaching me that none of that really matters, because my purpose in life is solely to bring God glory--it's up to Him how He allows me to do that and how He chooses to do that in me, but my fulfillment is found in using my talents for Him, no matter in what capacity.  I may never get to be the lead in a musical on a big stage (my dream is to be in Into the Woods); I may never get to lead worship for large youth rallies traveling across the United States (a dream DH and I have talked about since we met); but I can still bring glory to God, and He is giving me the opportunity to do that this very week in a small town in West Texas doing something I love: leading music for VBS.

It was seriously so amazing to see over 100 kids tonight jumping up and down and throwing their arms in the air in abandon tonight as they exclaimed last night's song: 

You are remarkable!  
Your works are wonderful!  
I worship you my God, my Maker.  
You are remarkable!  
You are incredible!  
I stand in awe because You are remarkable! 

That song went along with last night's theme: nothing is too difficult for God.  Tonight's theme kind of went along the same lines: if God is for us who can be against us?  VBS is, of course, tailored to minister to the kids, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that these songs are also ministering to where we are at in our adoption process.  As I popped in the DVD this morning to go over the choreography for tonight, the lyrics took on such a personal meaning for me:

If God holds my days in His hands
If God has power over my circumstance
If God knows the plans He has for me
Why should I fear?
Why should I worry?

If God is for me who can be against me?
If God is for me who can be against me?
Whatever happens I know

I trust He is in control
If God is for me who can be against me?
No matter what challenge we may be facing in life, we can trust in the One who has gone before us.  Oh, how I need to be reminded of that truth daily as we go through this stage in our lives!  He hasn't forgotten me!  He is calling me to trust Him, to depend on Him, and to remember He is ultimately in control and going before us to prepare a way for us.  My prayer is that I will bring glory to Him in ALL things--not just through the loves He's given me in life, but also just in the way I live my life.  Even as we are in this time of waiting to become parents to another child, my prayer is that I will glorify God as I wait patiently on Him.  He is worthy and He is able, and I am SO, so very thankful!


  1. love love love this post....and love you way more than this post!!!!

  2. I love this too! I was thinking of that as you sang tonight: when your lives have been so crazy busy and had some stressful times, isn't it awesome for Him to choose a VBS song to remind you of His truth?!? The music encouraged me tonight too. How fun that my family gets to be here in person to watch you three go through this process. We are privileged.

  3. Paula Beth, you are such a blessing to us. Thank you for reminding us of what to do when we are worried and fearful
    --to trust in Him!! To let go and to just remember that He really is in control.

  4. Paula Beth,

    I hope you soon will be able to adopt another child. You and Mike would make great foster parent's. You would be Godly parent's. Many foster babies/children need someone to adopt them. I don't know about Texas but in ILLinois special needs adoptions are no fees adoptions. My parent's could not have any children of their own. They adopted my brother and I from two different families.