Friday, July 27, 2012

Back to the beginning...

Tomorrow is kind of an exciting day...we're headed back to the start of our adoption journey with Christian Homes.  Just a little over 7 months ago, we were attending our adoption orientation weekend with the agency, where, among lots of other things, we got to hear from some of the families who had adopted through CHFS...and tomorrow, we get to be one of those families sharing with hopeful adoptive couples!  We are so excited about getting to bring Lucy and Gabriel along with us to be on the adoptive parents panel for this weekend's orientation.  It feels like we've come full circle in so many ways, and my prayer is that we can be an encouragement to the couples who are going to be there who are praying about expanding their families through the wonderful gift of adoption, and who are maybe needing a glimpse of hope that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.  Please be praying for us, that we will have the right words to say and that Lucy and Gabriel will be well-behaved.  Also, be praying for us as this meeting doubles as our first post-placement visit.  We have to do several of these before we are able to consummate Gabriel's adoption, which is why I said earlier that it feels like we've come full circle in MANY ways...but definitely not all ways.  I'm not necessarily worried at this point that something will fall through, but if I'm behind honest, I can't deny that there is a hint of fear of the unknown in the back of my mind.  Again, I'll share more in depth about all of this as I feel comfortable, but at this point, just please continue to pray for us to have peace and for all to continue to go smoothly. 

In other news. a friend of ours (and soon to be neighbor!  woohoo!) came and took newborn pics of Gabriel this evening as well as some brother/sister shots and a few family shots.  I can't wait to see how they turned out and to share some of them with you!  Gabriel stayed awake the entire two hours she was photographing until the very last few minutes.  I guess he is a lot like his big sister and didn't want to miss anything:)  Lucy was so funny--wanting to direct poses for all of the pictures.  She's so matter of fact when she talks and always seems to be on some sort of mission.  She truly lives her life with a PURPOSE, and I feel blessed (and often overwhelmed!) that the Lord has allowed me to guide that trait towards Him.  I know it's been a big transition for Lucy to not being the only child anymore, but for the most part, she has handled it all beautifully and I can tell she truly loves her baby brother.  (Although now that she has a baby brother, her nightly prayers have been for Jesus to bring her a baby sister, too:)  It was so sweet seeing her love on Gabriel in the photos.  She is so proud of him, and I just love to watch Gabriel stare so intently at her whenever she's close to him.  He has such a serious expression when he's awake--like he's always studying everything around him so intently.  I love how whenever he hears my voice he will turn his head towards me to look at me--just melts my heart!  He's such a snuggly little baby, too and loves to nuzzle his head in the crook of my neck.

Anyway...I could go on and on about both Lucy and Gabriel, but I'll save some for another post:)  For now, thank you all for your continued prayers for our family!  God is so good, and we are so thankful!

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