Friday, March 1, 2013

Dear Birthmother...Dear Rachel...

When I started this blog, I thought a long time about what I wanted to title it.  I chose "Dear Birthmother..." because I wanted it to be like a journal to our baby's birth mother...chronicling our way through our adoption journey, showing the day to day goings on of our lives, and sharing what God was teaching and had taught me through the process.  And today, I cannot tell you how excited I am, because I get to INTRODUCE YOU to this incredible woman who we love so dearly.  You've met our precious Gabriel, and now I would like for you to meet the woman who gave life to him and new life to us as a family...

Note: I have always been very discreet regarding certain parts of Gabriel's adoption and have been careful not to post any pictures of his birthmother or reveal any identifying information on her, because we always want to respect her and her privacy in everything we do and say.  However, she told me this week that she didn't have a problem with me posting her name and photos, so I'm so excited to finally get to "share" her with you guys! 

So please meet a woman very dear to me...the woman who gave birth to our son, and the woman who I am very privileged to count as my friend, but so much more than that.  Please meet Rachel!
Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she is also beautiful from the inside!  I have nothing but incredible love and respect for this woman, and I'm so excited that ya'll can get to know her just a little bit, too:)

I'll be posting more soon, but right now I just want you to each stop and join me in lifting up this amazing woman to our Heavenly Father.  Please praise Him along with us for bringing her into our lives, and pray for Him to bless her, guide her life, and reveal Himself to her in a new way!

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