Friday, March 29, 2013

"Good" Friday...

Good seems like such a strange thing to call the day that started Christ's journey to the cross where he suffered the most painful and agonizing death that he did not deserve in any way. How can we call it good? I know the story well, but it's been awhile since I just sat and read it in its entirety, so this morning, as Gabriel played happily at my feet with a stuffed bear, a toy camera, and a teether giraffe, I sat with my morning cup of java for some time with Jesus. And, I was easily reminded of why we call this Friday "good..." It's not because of the betrayal He experienced, the torture he endured, the mockery that was made of Him, the denial of His power and truth, or the suffering He so undeservingly took upon Himself. We call today "good" because it began the fulfillment of the rest of the story, which can be summed up into one word: victory.

There have been some things very heavily burdening my heart lately, and I was actually just telling my husband last night, "I want to have victory in this situation, but I just feel so weary..." And then, as I read through the crucifixion story, I couldn't help but be reminded that if my Jesus conquered death, He can conquer this life, too. Now, please don't get me wrong--I am certainly not comparing ANYthing that we experience in this life as the same as what Jesus endured for us. But what I am saying is that we can be reminded of His great and awesome power and be reminded of the end of the story: that He is victorious, and because He is victorious, we, too, can have victory THROUGH Him!

So, today, I choose to live life victoriously through the power of my risen Saviour! I choose to endure the trials and hardships that He has allowed in my path, knowing that He is at work through them and will allow me to conquer them through Him. And I pray that throughout the various celebrations and gatherings this weekend that my children will also experience the true reason that we celebrate this holiday. Amidst hand-dyed and mini Cadbury eggs and frilly dresses and handsome boy bow-ties, (which I'm not against any of...especially the mini Cadbury eggs!) I pray we don't lose sight of why we really celebrate Easter: the reminder of Jesus coming to die for our sins and being raised to life again so that we might all be raised to a newness of life in Him. So while my kids are excitedly hunting for eggs in Gi-Gi's neighborhood this weekend, I pray we will ever find ourselves hunting for the cross of Christ and the victory we can have through Him! Friday is here, but Sunday is coming!

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