Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lucy's a Big Sister...

 Lucy is a big sister!!!

 ...to two furbabies!  (Yes, I'm mean; sorry for the teaser:-)

We decided earlier this year that it might be a good idea to get an outdoor cat.  We live in rattlesnake country, and for those of you who don't know this little tidbit about me, I am totally PHOBIC of snakes.  I'm not talking just a little scared here-I'm talking completely scared out of my mind to the point where I have horrible nightmares about them.  I can't look at pictures of them, see them in movies, and I certainly don't walk anywhere near the reptile building at the zoo.  I don't care if they're fake, behind glass, or even if they are dead.  I can't handle them in any form.  It's not the idea of getting bitten by a snake--I don't even care if they're poisonous or not--it's the thought of just SEEING a snake that scares me out of my mind.  It really is amazing that I have done triathlons and swam in the lake and that I even get on my bike and ride out into the middle of nowhere on the West Texas highways, but you better believe I pray VERY hard each time that I do!  (I'm not even joking...and please do not take this as an invitation to try and be "funny" and find a silly way to scare me.  It won't be funny, I promise!)  Anyway, all of that being said, we are now the proud owners of Gary and Walter, who I affectionately have named my "Rattlesnake Roundup":)

....Notice that we went from getting a cat to getting cats.  We decided they might stick around better if they had some company.  They're actually from two different momma cats (the brothers from two different mothers:-) but both nursed from the same momma cat.  Gary is the fluffy white and black kitty and Walter is the grey tabby and the runt from the other litter.  Before you tell me that they're strange names for a cat, let me remind you of our current favorite family movie: The Muppets.  So, they're named after the brothers in that movie:)

Sidenote: If you haven't seen that movie, you need to! It's 
HILARIOUS, even if you aren't a Muppets fan!:-) 

At any rate, these two little furbabies have totally stolen my heart.  What originally was supposed to be a surprise for Lucy (who had been asking for a cat for quite awhile) has turned into an unexpected blessing for me.  While we wait on our baby, it's been such a blessed distraction to have these little furbabies to love on.  They ARE outdoor cats (I know they don't look like it from all of the pics on FB, but trust me, they really are!) but we bring them in when they're sleepy to let them snuggle in our arms.  Their arrival could not have come at a better or more needed time.  They've really lifted my spirits...plus set my heart at ease knowing they're "protecting" our yard from unwanted critters:-)

Anyway, I thought you would enjoy seeing these two cuties!  And I promise no more teasers!:-)


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    1. Thanks Becky! They seriously are the sweetest cats I've ever owned!