Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thank you...

In the past several weeks, I have watched two people very close to me go through the pain of a miscarriage.  My heart aches for them, for the tremendous loss they have experienced and the pain that comes from it.  I grieve alongside them, even though I know I cannot fully understand what they must be going through.  And I pray for them...for God to comfort them, to reassure them of His perfect love and plan, and for Him to grant them their heart's desires.  I have never experienced the pain of losing a baby at any stage of their life, and I am pray it's not something DH and I ever have to endure.  I know the pain of not experiencing a life that I desperately want to create month after month, but to cope with having that life for but a moment before it is taken away is something I cannot comprehend.  And as I have watched both of these women pick up the pieces of their hearts after enduring such an event, I am in awe of the strength and beauty they possess.  Yes, I'm sure their hearts have grieved and maybe they have broken down once or a million times.  Regardless of their emotions though, there is a faith within them that is absolutely beautiful.  To be able to recognize and accept that God's ways are so much higher than ours is such a that I cannot say I always possess, and one that I have desperately needed to be reminded of.  We are called to hold all things loosely, for NOTHING is our own--my husband, my children, and every relationship I have been blessed with are on loan to me.  God has entrusted these precious people to me, but they do not belong to me.  So when it feels like life is crumbling around me, it's probably because I've entrusted it to something or someone other than my Jesus, for He alone is my firm foundation.

So to those of you facing a trial and walking through it with the inner beauty and strength of a devoted follower to Christ, thank you!  Thank you for speaking God's truth to me.  He is making beauty from your ashes, and He's not finished yet!

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