Wednesday, October 31, 2012

18 weeks old...

So much to update on, so I may just have to write a few separate posts.  I'll start with the most recent...

Yesterday was a Tuesday, which means we celebrated Gabriel turning 18 weeks old!!  Seriously, I just can't believe how quickly the time has flown!  We truly have just tried to eat up every single moment with this precious gift we've been given in our son!  He is SUCH a joy!  A little update on what all he is up to these days...
    He has rolled over twice from his tummy to his back (it's kind of like a "been there done that" attitude with him.  I'm sure he'll start going it more any day now though.

    *He still loves being on his belly, but he also really enjoys laying on his back now on his activity mat and pulling on the toys that hang down.  He can grab them all the way from the top of the toy bar and pull them down towards him! 

    He enjoys being in his bouncy seat and playing what his big sissy refers to as "hit the boom."  It's basically just where he swats at the toys on his bouncy seat toy bar.  It's so sweet to watch Lucy play with him:)

    He's moved up to about 5-6 oz now at each feeding and he is definitely growing!  He is around 16 pounds now and is pretty much in size 6-9 month clothes already!

    He loves sitting in my lap!  He likes to "help" me practice the piano, and when he's fussy that is one way to get him to calm down.  (As you can imagine, that totally thrills my heart!)

    He's absolutely CRAZY about his daddy!  DH can get him to smile and laugh like no one else!

    Speaking of laughing, he is doing a lot more of that.  His sweet noises melt our hearts!

    He absolutely HATES being still in his carseat.  Picking up sissy from school is not the most pleasant experience as there is usually 10-15 minutes of waiting in line.

    He is quite the cuddlebug!

    Overall, he is just SUCH a good and content baby!  I call him my serious child, because he is quite contemplative, but when he smiles, it's with his whole face!

    He slept through the night last night and woke up in the best mood today!  Come to think of it, mommy was in a pretty good mood, too! LOL:)

    He turned 4 months old on the 26th, and yesterday we had our 4th post placement visit with our caseworker. We only have one visit left before our court date. I'm actually kind of sad about that-I always enjoy our visits with our caseworker. As I say this, I can't help but laugh at remembering how nervous I was about all of the interviews, home visit, etc. People often comment on how quickky/easily the process has gone for us, and while I am certainly thankful for it all, I promise you that easy is not a word that comes to mind! There's so much that I just haven't felt like I can share publicly on a blog. However, those aren't the things my heart dwells on or what comes to the forefront of my mind when I think of Gabriel and our adoption journey. The thing that consumes me each time I think of this whole process is total thankfulness-to our friends and family as they've come alongside us in so many ways, to our agency that has been just incredible, to our baby's precious birthmom who has give us the most amazing gift, and mostly to our God, who has orchestrated it all. So very many blessings are wrapped up inside this 18 week old bundle, and we are truly so very blessed!

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