Friday, October 19, 2012

Who needs a cape when you've got a burp cloth?

Sporting her "Piper Pride" before heading into school on 10/19/12
Today is one of those days that I find myself in awe of the husband God has blessed me with. Not that I haven't always thought he was a pretty amazing guy, but he just really stepped up to the plate for me when I desperately needed him to, and I'm so thankful!

I have this horrible sore throat right now. We're talking not just where I can't stand to swallow but where just breathing and even being awake hurts. My *highly nutritious* diet today has consisted of an iced coffee with skim milk around 9AM and a caramel moolate around 5pm. In other words: Coffee, milk and ice. Now, note that there are pretty much two no-fail indicators of me being really sick which are:

1) No appetite
2) Fever (even if it's lowgrade-i just very rarely run fever. you guys know me-I'm the girl who carries a sweater around during the summer!)

Well, I've had both of those:/ I'm also a huge weenie when it comes to certain remedies of the aforementioned sickness though, so there are a few other items on my checklist to consider when I'm sick, the number one being that I do NOT get shots. (Ask me my story from the Macomb ER sometime...) That being said, you know I feel awful if I agree to getting a shot. And this wasn't just ANY shot. We are talking the type where it felt like someone had made thick Elmer's glue (definitely name brand-not the puny cheap stuff! lol) into medicine form and forced it slowly into you. I actually started crying. I don't know if it was the fact that I felt so awful, the pain of the shot, or a combination of everything, but I literally cried. I think I made the nurse tear up a little, and the dr even came in and gave me a hug! LOL. I'm laughing about it all now because seriously, what 29+1 year old WOMAN cries over a shot? Yup, me I guess. I'm surprised they didn't offer me a lollipop and a sticker on my way out, but I guess I wasn't a brave enough patient for a prize! :-D
GP and Daddy before the pep rally on 10/19/12

But enough whining. The point of all of this is I'm REALLY sick, and if you're a mom, you've discovered the cold hard truth that mommies don't get sick days...UNLESS they happen to be married to one very amazing DH:-)

Gabriel and Daddy before the pep rally on 10/19/12
Fridays are DH's day off (tho he typically ends up working some anyway) and you want to guess how he spent it? By being super dad! *insert hero theme music* I did let him sleep in a bit this morning (since he let me sleep the ENTIRE night and was pretty much up all night with a baby who didn't want to sleep) but he happily took GP with him to the office, to the pep rally, picked up Lucy afterwards, entertained everyone while mommy slept, and he now has them at the homecoming game. No, my superhero doesn't wear a cape, but rather he proudly sports a diaper bag, a burp cloth, and a lap full of happy children. I am blessed and so thankful for him!

So next time you hear a cry for help and are looking for Clark Kent to make a quick change to his cape, don't be so quick to look past the man right next to you in your own home-you just might find him sporting a burp cloth and a baby and realize your hero has been there all along, no costume change needed:)

Now go cheer our PIPERS onto victory, guys while this momma gets some much-appreciated rest.

Lucy and Morgan at the Homecoming game
Lucy and Morgan "cheering" the Pipers on to a Homecoming victory!

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