Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Still on the journey, but not like before...

The house is so quiet...at least for the moment anyway:)  Everyone is asleep...except me of course, but that's pretty typical:/ Tomorrow is just such a big day, and my mind won't shut down...

Since I started this blog, you've probably read many statements over the past several months that spoke of "another step in the journey" or something along those lines, and tomorrow it seems like we come to the culmination of each of those steps, because tomorrow (technically today since I'm up past midnight) we get to finalize Gabriel's adoption!  It's so crazy to look back on this past year and retrace each of those monumental steps...

So it would seem that now we are at the end of our journey, but now that we're here, it really seems like our journey has only just begun.  Perhaps this part of our adoption journey is coming to a close, but I don't think the road will ever come to a halt.  There will be new moments to experience as a family as we continue to wait for what God has in store for us...the only difference is that this time, we will be waiting as a family of FOUR, and we could not be any more thankful or blessed!

We are still on the journey
But it's not like before
For we started as three
And now we are four.

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